Community Partners

MCPC actively pursues partnerships with other community organizations whose work overlaps with our desire to follow God’s lead in seeking the welfare of the community God has called us to serve. Here are some examples of those partnerships.

Presbytery of the Inland Northwest: There are 48 Presbyterian churches in the Inland Northwest that are organized as a Presbytery. The offices for the Presbytery are located next to the church parking lot and the church campus is used regularly for gatherings of church leaders from across the region.

Whitworth University: A Presbyterian college, Whitworth offers a variety of unique programming through the Office of Church Engagement. Learn more here:

West Valley Co-Op Preschool: The church hosts the co-op preschool that is organized through Spokane Community College.

The Angus Scott Pipe Band currently uses the church for its weekly rehearsals and none of them are church members.

Recovery Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous: MCPC hosts the oldest continuously running Alcoholics Anonymous group in the Spokane area. Four other recovery groups call MCPC home.

Boy Scouts: MCPC currently hosts Scout Troop 430, which includes three regular Cub Scout gatherings and a weekly Boy Scout meeting. Most of the participants are not members of the church. The Scouts have indicated they will substantially expand their activities once the building is completed. One of the many limitations of the current facilities is that the Scouts cannot do some of the recreational activities that normally accompany Scout gatherings.

Hutton Settlement Group Home: The church has had a unique relationship with Hutton Settlement since the church began in the early 1920’s. Eli Hutton donated money to help build the original sanctuary and the church has sought to help nurture the young people at Hutton throughout its history. The church most recently partnered with Hutton to create The Crossing Youth Center, a youth-oriented space near the church that includes couches, foosball and pool tables, multimedia project and snack bar. Students at Hutton organized a fundraising dinner and contributed over $2,000 to the renovation efforts.

Arbor Crest Winery: Every spring the Arbor Crest Winery allow us to hold an Easter Sunrise service at the Cliff House, overlooking the Spokane Valley.