June 2019 Update

January - June 2019
Income: $253,219; Expenses: $217,597; Net: $35,622.
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Jan. 23, 2019

Letter to the congregation, from the Stewardship Committee:

Joel Hughes
Herb McIntosh
Jack Schut

Dear Friends and Members of Millwood Presbyterian,

If we really had our "druthers" we would visit each of the homes of the members, attenders, and friends of our church family before Stewardship Commitment Sunday or the final day of our Stewardship campaign to have an opportunity to discuss stewardship and pledging in person with you. Since we are unable to visit every home in such a short period of time, this note will have to be the substitute.

We believe that the time when we complete our pledge or commitment card presents each of us with an important opportunity in our ongoing journey as members of the body of Christ. The pledge cards our congregation completes provide the church leadership with an idea of what to expect financially at the beginning of the year, thereby enabling the development of the church budget.

The approval of the budget, based on pledges, becomes a guide for using donations in accordance with our mission. The Session and church body commit fund to staffing, properties and other operational expenses that are needed.

How much should I pledge? It’s a question often asked. The amount or percentage is a personal decision, but whatever that is, it becomes a basis for our upcoming year. Over the past several years, many of us have faithfully tithed and have experienced the spiritual joy in their lives, however, our numbers of tithers are falling due to some moving away and others have gone on to be with the Lord.

You have already heard about the mission and ministries of Millwood over the past several Sundays by our Pastor, the Stewardship Team and some involved in these various ministries. We hope that every member of the congregation will become a proportionate giver, determining the amount they give to support the mission of the church as a percentage of their income. We believe that the practice of proportionate giving, moving toward and beyond the tithe, will provide each of us with a new spiritual richness, and our offerings will provide new and exciting opportunities to carry out our mission and ministry which will enable us to joyfully proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

On behalf of the Session of this church, the Stewardship Team ask that you prayerfully examine what you can give to the church. A pledge card is included with this communication for you to bring with you to worship on or before February 17. Our giving represents our thankfulness to God for all that God provides. If you have already pledged for 2019…. Thank you!