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Moses As a Guide in Changing Times

Fall 2019 Series by Interim Pastor Sandy Hackett

The story of Moses follows a faith community as they journey through unfamiliar territory to a whole new life.  They face all kinds of challenges: scarce resources, too much work for too few hands, confusion, doubt, and fear.  God meets them in unexpected ways, providing what they need even if it’s not what they want. They are changed as individuals and as a community.  They learn how God wants them to treat each other, and how they should treat God. They become stronger and braver, growing into the promise God gave them, that they would be blessed so they could be a blessing to others.

Moses will keep us company in our journey towards new pastoral leadership and a new season for this congregation.


Kneeling With Giants

Summer 2019 Series by Interim Pastor Sandy Hackett

This summer, we took a deep dive into exploring new ways to pray using the book “Kneeling With Giants: Learning to Pray with History’s Best Teachers” by Gary Neal Hansen. The final two weeks focused on intercession, the kind of prayer most 21st century Christians are most familiar with. Asking God to do something for someone in need. But the previous seven weeks took us back to the historic concept of prayer as communion with God: We learned to pray the words of the Bible, to borrow the words of spiritual giants in Christian history. The book is available on Amazon, and we have a copy in the office if you want to swing by and browse a bit.